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Atudot - Executive search
is closely linked and intimately involved with highly trained, highly experienced employee groups, covering broad sectors in Israel. We know Israel's top performance high-tech community, and can assist employers in reaching the right candidates for complicated missions.

Recruitment & Placement

We offer a complete selection and recruitment service, for candidates at all management levels, across all functions, departments or divisions. We are involved in team building for companies, from their very early stages.

Headhunting Search

Naturally the best talents are currently employed…
In order to approach these individuals you must perform in a highly professional manner, under strict ethical standards. We specialize in this kind of search.

Testing & Evaluation
We offer a complete psychological testing and evaluation services for candidates at all management levels and from various business sectors, to ensure that they fully meet our client's requirements.

We conduct total career and references analysis, in order to gather maximum data that will enable us to create the perfect match.